Thursday, 26 April 2018

An introduction to reusable nappies

Yes, this is my first blog post in over a year! Sorry to have let you down. Where was I during all this time? Changing nappies and trying to survive on very little sleep! 

Last June, I had a baby. It's bit quite an adventure. I feel extremely lucky being a parent, especially as at some point I feared that it would never happen to us. However, to be perfectly honest, the challenge of looking after a small child is much bigger than anticipated. 

B sporting a second-hand Close Pop-In bought on Gumtree

The little beast (aka "le petit burrito" and "little rocket man") still doesn't sleep through the night. And, despite the fact that he goes to nursery full time, juggling my freelance journalist work with all the rest is a balancing act (which won't be news to anyone in the same position, obviously; it's called "being a parent"). Nevertheless, about three months ago, I became seriously committed to using reusable nappies. Better late than never!