Regular waste reduction events

Check out the Restart project website to find out about upcoming Restart parties in London. Volunteers can help you fix your broken electric or electronic devices for free.

Real Nappies for London in Shoreditch is open every Tuesday between 2pm and 6pm and organises Saturday workshops. For events organised by Real Nappies for London click here.

Sustainable Saturday surgeries are 4-hour sessions held by Little hands design at the London School of Mosaic located near Hampstead heath (181 Mansfield Rd, London NW3 2HP). Cost: £35

"During our fantastic Sustainable Saturday Surgeries we will dive into the world of mending, altering and thrifting. What a great excuse to go through your wardrobe, sort out garments you never wear, things which need repairing or can be turned into something else or maybe even swapped or donated. This session is a great way to pick up lots of hand- and machine sewing skills, design with things you already have, pick up useful tips and tricks and have a giggle and a chat with like-minded people. Suitable for everyone from 8 years to very wise!" (as advertised on Little Hands design website)

Upcoming clean-up operations

Big Spring Beach Clean Summit to Sea (from 6 to 14 April 2019)
You can organise your own event with the help of Surfers against sewage. Check out their step to step guide here

#PlasticPatrol is an international not-for-profit organisation created in 2016 by Lizzie Carr.  "Over the last two years we have intercepted 189 tonnes of plastic waste from inland waterways before it reaches the oceans", claims the website. 
Download the #PlasticPatrol application and you'll be able to take part in clean-up operations.  

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