My resolutions for 2017

In 2017 I will...

1. Keep refusing plastic straws and let people know how much of a scourge they are for wild life and the planet in general. Don't feed me plastic! 

2. Give talks to fellow residents in my local area to let them know what they can do day to day to reduce their waste, save money and (re)discover small pleasures - all in one go.
For example, making tea with loose leaves (instead of using tea bags containing plastic), baking bread, using more natural ingredients as cosmetics.

I've been using coconut oil as a moisturiser since January 2016.

3. Use my sewing machine to mend and adjust clothes and also make Morsbags. Textile shouldn't go to waste! (And, no, you cannot throw old pants nor socks nor any textile with your household waste - that's a reminder for my other half, by the way)

4. Grow herbs in my garden in the summer. Everything tastes better with fresh herbs.

Mint is one of my favourite herbs - with basil.

5. Meet up with other zero waste advocates in London and share tips for a more sustainable and enjoyable life. 

What's your zero waste resolution for 2017?