How I saved my boots from the bin

Last year, I took my damaged boots to a Timpson shoe repair shop in central London. One of the heels was broken. It looks repairable to me but I was told that the shoes could not be repaired. I was gutted. I've had those boots since 2004. They were made in Portugal and sold under a brand, Mosquitos, which no longer exists.

I had paid more than 100 euros for them back then. Yes, they had served me well but I knew they had an even longer "career" in front of them. Nothing was fundamentally wrong with them after all, except for one broken heel. 

I bought those boots in Paris in 2004.
They've been recently repaired by a cobbler. 

I was right! My favourite boots were not beyond repair. My mum took them to her trusted cobbler in Montpellier in the south of France (where my parents live). Julio, whose workshop is located in the centre of Montpellier, has repaired both heels and soils soles for 43 euros (about £30-33). Now the shoes look almost like new! Will I get another 12 years out of them? Who knows?