We are having a jumble sale!

Some of the books we will sell.
It was supposed to be planned and advertised several weeks in advance but life has got in the way. Better late than never! We are having a jumble sale at home in North West London THIS weekend. 

As we don't own a car, we thought that it would be more convenient to organise the sale at home. I've advertised it earlier this morning on Twitter and Streetlife - details will be disclosed to people who are interested in some of the items advertised. I have also sent an email to friends who live nearby. I will let some more neighbours know about it later today.

Scarves for sale!
Hopefully, it will be an occasion to get rid of a few books/scarves/jackets etc., make a bit of money and catch up with friends before we embark on the renovation of the house. Worst case scenario, we will be stuck at home for a few hours on Saturday and Sunday, we will drink copious amount of tea/coffee and eat too many oat biscuits (Ben, I know I can count on you). And, of course, we will have to find another way to sell the books/scarves/jackets. 

More books!
I will let you know how it went. If you live in North West London and are interested in some of the items shown on the photos, please send me an email (amandine@zerowastelondon.com) and I will give more information about the event. 

Our jumble sale will coincide with the first Clear Your Clutter Day. Normally, I am not a big fan of those kind of national days but knowing that Clear Your Clutter Day was an extra incentive to organise the jumble sale this weekend, I have to say. 

Are you decluttering your home? What are you getting rid of? How are you disposing of your clutter?