Staying positive

Sometimes, I feel like the more efforts I make to reduce the amount of waste I produce, the more discouraged I get. Every non-recyclable or non-compostable piece of waste I throw away weighs a lot on my conscience. As April is about to begin, I feel that I need to remind myself of the positive steps I've taken since the beginning of the year. Things are moving in the right direction. : ))

1. Bulk food shopping is the way to go!
I visited Whole Foods Market in Richmond in January where I was able to buy a number of staples in bulk using recycled paper bags supplied by the store. More recently, I went to the Dry Goods Store in Maida Vale to stock up on quinoa, lentils, pasta, rice etc. I am planning to go back to Maida Vale soon. Previously, I had ordered staples online from a cooperative. It's not a bad option if there isn't any bulk shop near you.  

Staples from the Dry Goods Store in Maida Vale. 

2. Bulk bags at the ready
I've taken some machine sewing classes at Little Hands Design in Primrose hill. It enabled me to make my first bulk bags (among others). I will take them with me the next time I visit the Dry Goods Store. It means that I won't have to carry so many glass jars - better for my back. 

I made the bags with some material
bought in Shepherd's Bush in West London. 

3. My (not so old) jeans got a new lease of life
I attended one of Daisy's workshops in White City in London. I mended two pairs of jeans as a result. Done!

It's never too late (or too early, I guess) to learn how to mend a pair of jeans!

4. Food waste averted thanks to Olio
I used Olio for the first time last weekend. It enabled me to give away surplus fresh organic vegetables to two fellow Londoners. If I have any food that I know I won't be able to eat, I will definitely use the food sharing app again. It didn't take long before finding takers for my vegetables. 

I ended up creating two bags with the surplus vegetables I had.
Silvia told me she was going to make an onion soup. 

5. I became a proud zero waste advocate
When I launched this blog in December 2015, I did it because I realised how crucial sharing my dedication to the zero waste cause was for the movement to spread in the UK and beyond. To be truly effective, you need to act but also let other people know about what you are doing. It requires a certain degree of confidence in yourself and, above all, in your cause. It also takes time, of course. 
However, it's well worth going the extra mile. I've received lots of positive feedback since I've launched Zero Waste London and I keep discovering inspiring individuals and organisations on Twitter and Instagram. It's important to keep the zero waste energy flowing.