The Zero Waste Podcast - first episode

For the first edition of the Zero Waste podcast, I've interviewed Michelle McGagh and Frank Cunningham, the couple behind London Minimalists. Michelle featured quite a lot in the media at the end of last year after she announced that she was embarking on a no spend year

I had a great conversation with Michelle and Frank at their home in North London at the end of January. We talked about why they had decided to part with most of their belongings as they were renovating their house in 2013, the way they shop (or shopped for Michelle) and how accumulating small useless things can prevent you from focusing on what really matters in life. 

In the podcast, I also mention two different waste reduction/recycling initiatives. One is very new. It's a surplus box called Day Old - a social enterprise based in London which rescues day old bread and bakery items. The other one is a few years old but I've just found out about it. It's called Audition Solidarité. The French charity collects old hearing aids, dismantle them and create new ones for people in need in France and in developing countries. 

Let me know your thoughts and suggestions about the podcast. 
You can listen to it on Soundcloud here.